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Well, here are the pictures that I've taken during the past few weeks. There were more pictures that weren't of good enough quality to waste the bandwith on.   Please keep in mind some of the pictures were saved in 1600x1200 or 1280x960. I have, of course, made sure that there are smaller versions of these pictures. Download freely.

It was suggested by a friend that it's kind of hard to see certain pictures well without rotating his monitor. Unfortunately, when I tried to convert them, the pictures came out smaller. Until I can figure out what happened, you'll just have to deal with the smaller size.

I suppose I will get serious about beautifying this page's design some time in the near future, seeing as I so much free time on my hands. I am able to add captions to the pictures, if anyone is interested in submitting any. You can email me. What do you think? A cute neon pink background color would do nicely here?

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Last modified on Feb. 01, 2006